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BUILDING STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, AND BEAUTY through a powered up dynamic workout, clients leave feeling supercharged both mentally and physically. Bodylicious incorporates a variety of explosive, plyometric and aerobic movements choreographed to only best beats. The workout program is tailored to bring you close to your fitness ‘fierceness’ goals.

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hen you read the title of this article you may wonder if these two concepts fit together. How can you travel, have fun, while finding time to workout and stay healthy when traveling? Simply, by doing what the majority of our population does when traveling to unknown locations all over the world. We walk, eat and drink! It is not about changing your habits when traveling, it is about being aware of your body during these actions. There are three essential components that you should be aware of:  WORKOUT, FOOD AND REST.

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What Vacation Means to Me.

What does a vacation mean to you? Does it mean not answering e-mails, not eating clean or not working out? Maybe a vacation means no cooking or cleaning and sleeping in? The definition of a vacation is “an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in traveling”.

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