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My Recent MUST HAVE, Earl Grey Tea.

My most recent addiction and must haves is a brew of Earl Grey Tea.  Yup, that is right! It has been years since I have tried to reduce my intake of coffee and now I believe I’ve found the best mix for me. I start my mornings off with a fresh mug of coffee and replace my second, third and floor glass of coffee with my tea now. It aids in my water intake for the day while reducing my coffee dosage. Below you will find the top benefits that got me to introduce Earl

Grey Tea into my daily routine.

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My Morning Travel Routine

My morning travel routine:


Unfortunately, we can’t bring a full luggage with all of our favourite beauty products, in theory this it sounds amazing but it’s just not realistic! I don’t know about you but the struggle is REAL when it comes to packing toiletry supplies. Some days I have flawless skin and some days I wake up with dehydrated skin, therefore I need to make sure I always have different beauty products to treat my bipolar skin.

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