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Summer Body.... Let's Talk

April…May…June…July Oh no August  is approaching… Do you feel the stress? I definitely have felt that before. It’s summer body time. Will I look good in a bikini? Or short shorts? Will I feel confident? I want to, I really do. So, I guess that means workout, diet, sleep, repeat. Why do we always think that? Why is this a stress so many people feel at the same time every single year? How can I achieve my summer body?


Well here is the tip…summer body prepping has nothing to with the physical aspect, it is all mental. We feel a constant need to be thinner, and prettier, and tanner, but that ends now. All you need is confidence, and everything else can be thrown far out the window.


Here is a list of steps to achieve the perfect summer body:

1)    Look in the mirror

2)    Compliment yourself

3)    Feel happy

4)    Feel satisfied

5)    Get into a routine that makes you feel good on the outside and on the inside

6)    Stop comparing yourself to others

7)    Monitor your progress

8)    Remind yourself it is all in your head

9)    Put on your bathing suit

10) Walk around like you run the town


Summer body prepping does not have to do with losing weight, or being in a calorie deficit, or working out 3 times a day. It has to do with staying healthy, while still being happy and indulging when you feel its necessary. A “summer body” is about the confidence you have in your own body and the way you see and think of yourself.


So, throw away the idea of the typical summer body prep you are constantly hearing about. You have to remember that it is all about you and that you are the hardest critic of yourself. Learn to treat your body right and yourself right. Love yourself and respect yourself, and when you learn to do so you’ll realize that you won’t ever need to feel that “summer body” prep stress again.


Live, laugh, love, that’s what they all say right? So why don’t you start there.