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BUILDING STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, AND BEAUTY through a powered up dynamic workout, clients leave feeling supercharged both mentally and physically. Bodylicious incorporates a variety of explosive, plyometric and aerobic movements choreographed to only best beats. The workout program is tailored to bring you close to your fitness ‘fierceness’ goals.


When you read the title of this article you may wonder if these two concepts fit together. How can you travel, have fun, while finding time to workout and stay healthy when traveling? Simply, by doing what the majority of our population does when traveling to unknown locations all over the world. We walk, eat and drink! It is not about changing your habits when traveling, it is about being aware of your body during these actions. There are three essential components that you should be aware of:  WORKOUT, FOOD AND REST.


Workout:  Don’t let this word scare you if you are not a fan of working out at the moment. I have had plenty of clients that have gone on vacation and started their journey towards a healthy living and weight loss there. Movement is simply all you need. The average person will walk around 5 Kilometers a day while traveling. For those of you who travel and are looking for some bodyweight workouts see below.


Food: Eat and enjoy what you eat when you are traveling. I do not want to change this component and I believe that sometimes people think they have to. The simple fact that you are already moving around more than usual will enable you to enjoy the finer food when traveling with a little less guilt. This doesn’t mean you can you should eat junk food every night while you’re on vacation. To sum it up, discover the local culture by eating fresh local food without stressing yourself out by counting calories.


Rest: You will be moving, eating and stimulated more than usual for most of the time while you are on vacation. This all takes a toll on your body so please remember that rest is essential. A lot of things are happening inside your body while you sleep. Your brain takes that time to sort out information. Your intestines continue to work to breakdown and digest the food you ate. Your body also needs that rest to repair the muscles that have been ripped through any strenuous physical activity. 

Making healthy choices while having fun doesn’t have to be hard. Enjoying your vacation will actually lower those pesky stress hormones that are associated with belly fat. While on vacation, be active, eat well and take the time to relax. Remember that the point of traveling is to experience new things and enjoy the journey so don’t take yourself too seriously.


Easy Bodyweight Workout. To Follow:

Each exercise will be 30 seconds with a 10 second break for 10 rounds.

High Knees

Elevated Push Ups

Elevated Mountain Climbers

Squat Jumps

Tuck Jumps